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Welcome to
The Spot

A destination, a collection of unique spaces and places, high, low, indoors and out, food and drink.

The Spot is an experience and an object. It’s a building, it's landscape, it's courtyards and fountains, it's restaurants and pop-up opportunities. It’s a visitor centre, café, art hub and rooftop. It’s a mid-week culture stop. It’s a Saturday night hot spot.

The Spot is specific to its primary location at International Quarter, working with the site and sun to create al fresco dining opportunities, as well as places to shelter from the wind and rain.

The Spot is also a global, scalable brand, Xs marked on a treasure map; imagine Spots in Sydney and San Francisco! The Spot is quick and efficient to build and desirable to lease.

The Spot will become the place to relax, to eat outdoors or in, to meet, to orientate, to dance and to say you have been to.

In the following information, you’ll see just why you should lease a space in London’s newest and most celebrated destination, the ultimate spot to be.

Where is it?
The X Marks The Spot.

Why lease here?

The Spot is located in Endeavour Square, at the conjunction of two primary routes, the route to the Olympic Park from Westfield and Carpenter’s Square.

The Spot’s location and orientation offer a strong and immediate presence on the public plaza with: an engaging 6m cantilever overhang expressed with a glass floor, vibrant rooftop, 360 degree activation, a number of food and drink offerings and a visitor centre and cafés. The building’s 45-degree twist to its surrounding buildings offers attractive and intimate spaces as you walk by, places to stop, meet, chat and eat.

The Spot is configured to allow easy service from the rear, but also to ensure tenants can enjoy the evening sun. Imagine external dining on long summer nights...

You can hold rooftop events at The Up Spot, which is accessed by the staircase and lift, both located in

the western arm. The roof is designed to allow for marquees and other structures to diversify your offer to your clients.

The Small Spot opportunity changes the scale to the east. Close to the Drop Off Spot, this intimate offering forms a place for pop-up breakfasts, lunches, cocktails and other activities from sunrise to sunset.

The Spot works for all entry points into the International Quarter and thoroughfare routes, creating unique spaces for different seasons, different times, different activities.

It is an active place, full of people walking around this expressive object. The form of The Spot invites you to explore... to enjoy its playfulness. It’s a place that responds directly to its landscape, making attractive spaces for people to enjoy.

It’s the right spot for you.

‘There are so many
window seats...’


Importantly, this is not a row of offers fighting for prominence, you will claim your own exclusive spot and frontage.

The ground plane around The Spot is fully activated in all directions. Four different courtyards can be accessed for dining in the sun and other spaces are shielded from the wind and rain. Each courtyard has a unique ambience and will benefit from the sun at various times of day. Most of your clients will enjoy dining next to a window, directly connecting them with the adjacent outdoor space.

All tenants enjoy column-free space and an open perimeter to adjacent courtyards.

Fit outs will most likely create kitchens and services towards the centre of the plan at ground and first floor level, although there are multiple options. Servicing is to the west, containing central core access to The Up Spot and other landlord requirements. You will enjoy your own distinct entrance.

‘Great vistas with an
intimate ambience’


The upper floor is simply divided to allow wonderful views whilst dining adjacent to tree canopies, overlooking fountains or external balconies.

The overhanging timber Up Spot creates warmth and a more intimate environment from which long vistas in all directions are enjoyed.

A central landlord corridor provides access to The Up Spot and ensures fire distances are met for your users.

‘Have you been to
The Up Spot yet?’


The Up Spot is cleverly designed to remain structure free for pop-up events and temporary installations. It is configured to locate the access core away from the centre of the roof, which is the main area for congregation and events. At the end of each of the overhanging arms, there are places to stop or sit, to look up, down or out.

The extremities of each cantilever are associated with the ground and sky, creating a fully three-dimensional experience.

Even the area behind the access core is engaged. Here a special area can be created for views across the Olympic Park... the VIS... the Very Important Spot.

The roof can be leased as one, split or reconfigured. Secure access is available from all tenancies, and it is also possible to open the Up Spot to other external tenants via the secure west-facing entrance. Your possibilities are endless.

Streamlined services


The site's irrigation and fountain plant are condensed for your convenience. The landlord will determine if these services will sit under The Small Spot or in connection with the core.

The Spot's basement manages the water services for all of Endeavour Square, streamlining all your behind-the-scenes needs.

Usable, flexible,
characterful space

The Spot offers tenants more than 4m clear high spaces at the ground and first floor with flexible floorplates, customisable services, soft spots for internal stairs and platform lifts positioned anywhere you’d like.

At ground floor the glazing rises to the underside of the structure, creating lofty space connected to the landscape and sky. Upstairs the underside of The Up Spot drops to 4m above the internal floor finish. This squeezing of the space and the overhanging Up Spot make for a cosy and intimate setting that looks to the horizon and the long vistas across the parks, squares, and back towards Westfield.

The roof terrace can be transformed for day or night time events, and enjoys panoramic views. It’s a place that will be envied by passers-by on the ground and the surrounding high-rise tenants above.

The Spot’s visitor centre may also benefit from the high view. This is the place to orientate with maps or bronze etched panoramas signifying what you can see in each direction.

Usefully, a service zone is located below the raised floor to ensure power can be distributed to all areas of the roof for any type of event.

Multiple leasing options

The visitor centre and café space is located prominently in relation to Endeavour Square, with adjacent relaxing courtyards, activating the area and sitting comfortable with the landscape.

Larger leasing options sit on either side. The ground floor can be configured with a single tenant or multiple tenants. Similarly, the first floor can also be subdivided as required.

A place of
memorable moments

Above each entrance to the main building the roof overhangs, suggesting an entrance whilst also engaging the visitor with distinctive features that play with height, light, and surprise.

On the east-facing cantilevered arm, a glazed floor allows people to look down and through. This could be further expressed through mirrors and lenses that allow people at ground level to see what’s happening on the roof. Perhaps there is a periscope to look through... one at a time, like paying 10p to look at the birds and horizon in a Victorian seaside town.

To the south, a reflective underside allows you to photograph yourself in a series of mirrors.

This closed cantilever also prevents excessive overheating to the south facing facade.

To the west is the secured entrance to the roof, and at night an entry spot is lit on the ground and a spotlight rises high into the sky. It can be seen across London to signal that an event is underway. An alternative option would be to build a physical tower in this location; the landlord is yet to decide.

Finally, to the north, a large hole is cut, protected by a yellow tinted balustrade to allow light to pass through. This creates a warm spot of light through to the Small Spot al fresco area.

There’s nothing like the sun

These images offer an understanding of when your courtyards will be activated by sun. All courtyards experience sun at separate times of day, illuminating breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The atmosphere of these courtyards will be dependent on their treatment, weather conditions and offer. The choice is yours.

Do you want flexible
outdoor space?

The current courtyard configuration and treatment are based on the existing landscape, creating pockets for the famous Marker Tree, bespoke fountains, a cherry tree court and a court with a Romeo and Juliet balcony. However, you can inspire delight, playing with colour, season, games, bikes, art...

The Spot’s versatile outdoor areas can change frequently, encouraging the people who eat and drink at your offer to return time and time again.

Everything’s looking up

The Up Spot is directly accessible from your restaurant, bar or café, and can be leased throughout the year. The Up Spot is structured and serviced to allow multiple uses.

This spectacular roof terrace can be treated with planting for relaxation, speakers and stages for concerts and music, seats for cinemas, or all the

extras for a wedding or party. What do you want to use it for?

The layout allows for a concentration of activity right at the centre of the Olympic development. This will be the place to hire, to experience, to enjoy and to talk about.

Need more space?

Should you decide that you would like more space, there are opportunities to convert a quarter, half or even full courtyard to internal space, creating first floor balconies and extra eating areas.

These areas can be added/subtracted in conversation with the landlord, with consideration to the effect on the wider building experience.

The landlord also may add a tower to the west arm, creating a physical marker in the landscape, constantly signalling the location of The Spot from afar. Day and night.

A warm, intimate
spot to be

Made of glass and timber, this place is distinct in its character and feel to the buildings that surround it.

The first floor and Up Spot will be clad by the landlord at 1500mm or 3000mm centres, dependent on requirements. The Up Spot is covered in tessellated timber tiles.

These tiles bring warmth and a human scale to the building, whilst also ensuring the building’s long-term durability and reducing the need for maintenance.

The ground floor is left to you, the client, to glaze and appropriate. Where required, coloured internal back film can be used to hide services behind the glass.

Go ahead, shout
about your offer

The Spot offers excellent signage opportunities. You are encouraged to activate, wayfind, brand. Graphic or neon, internal or external, lively signage is acceptable with location dependent on the leasing strategy. The Spot offers optimal visibility, transparency and expression.

The form and identity of The Spot is strong enough to accept your signage, and we look forward to proposals that create a busy visual place to match the activity that surrounds you.

Branding The Spot

The strong visual identity of The Spot offers multiple opportunities for touch points, PR and engagement. From bespoke cutlery to glasses, benches, chairs, and bike stands, the opportunities are here for you to take.

The visitor centre will have a map with The Spot clearly identified between the Olympic Park and

Westfield, showing the landscape, squares, courtyards, art offers and retail opportunities. Everything you touch and see could be branded.

The Spot will connect the community... physically, actively and creatively.

A local community

Set in creative East London, The Spot will become a hub for the exhibition of local art... in the courtyards, on the roof, at The Small Spot. In association with local galleries, art cafés and institutions, this can be a place of culture.

Larger, national and global partners could also exhibit here. The Spot creates a wide community and a sense of place.

However, there could be more...
The Spot could be global

Imagine different Spot sizes with different Spot offerings in different Spot locations. The brand has the potential to grow and expand into something big.

Be a part of the first Spot in London, and join us at other opportunities around the globe. Like marking an X on a treasure map, The Spot can be deeply ingrained in landscape or can sit on top of an existing plot... the choice is yours.

In 2018, London welcomes the first Spot:
www.theXmarksthespot.com (Visit me!)

As we grow, we can individually identify:
www.theXmarksthespot.london (Visit me!)
or .sydney or .sanfrancisco.

The Spot could be a global brand
www.theXmarksthespot.global (Visit me!)
Start serving soon

The Spot is currently in an advanced design stage. The overall concept of creating static spaces around the building for people to enjoy, active thresholds for dining and the opportunity for a fabulous private roof terrace have already been discussed with the local authorities and QRP.

We are confident that the local authorities will enjoy the creation of a distinct place, especially a prominent visitor centre that will immensely improve information sharing and wayfinding. We foresee a smooth transition through design, planning and construction to create this special place in record time.

Simply formed with a sustainable composite steel and CLT structure, the building needs no added diagonal bracing. All bracing is achieved through the core and moment connections in the steel. The super structure can be constructed in under two weeks. The landlord will clad the first floor and Up Spot within a month of completion, after which fit out can begin.

You could be serving food and drinks within a few short months.

What will it be made of?
What’s this going to cost?

Despite its incredible visual strength, The Spot has been designed around the fundamental principle of good value. A simple plan and construction sequence, with only four primary materials used economically and efficiently, The Spot appropriately accommodates the clients’ needs for space, place and identity.

There are no extraneous costs... unless we build the tower of course... Every element of the design works towards the requirement of the user, the tenant and the site. We have taken the time to have the project outline costed for your confidence.

Thank you...

... for taking time to learn about The Spot.

We look forward to discussing the place, the ideas, the options and the ambience with you in a few weeks. We think it's spot on.